Purpose of Professional Development


The technological work environment is one that is ever changing. So it is pertinent to stay on top of evolving technologies. Keeping up with these growing changes is beneficial for both myself in that it increases my credibility when communicating with other in the field, as well as for anyone that I work for because it ensures that I’m able to convey information about these new technologies to my employer.


  • Finishing my Associates of Science in ITE Network Server Administration in May 2019
  • Working towards a Bachelors in Networking by 2021
  • Attending classes to further my knowledge of the IT field
  • Expanding my knowledge of Web Design by Studying online guides for JavaScript.


  • A+ Certification by the end of May 2019
  • Net+ and Security+ over Summer 2019
  • Linux+ during Fall 2019
  • Project+ during Spring 2019

Keeping up to date

  • Keeping up with news in the Security Sector by reading magazines like TechRepublic
  • Following numerous channels to keep up with new hardware releases.