Graduation Plans

Here is my tentative plan for the next three years of my education, which include my last two semesters before receiving my A.A. in General Ed. and A.S. in Network Server Administration. Also including my schedule for obtaining my B.A.S. in Information Systems Technology (with concentration in networking).

Semester with Year Course ID with Name

Fall 2018 

  • CIS1254 Professional Development for IT
  • CTS2327 Windows Desktop
  • ENC2210 Technical Communication

Spring 2019

  • CIS2948 ITE Internship
  • CTS2142 IT Project Management
  • CTS2328 Windows Server
  • PHY2053 General Physics

Fall 2019

  • COP3337 Intermediate Programming
  • CTS4408 Database Administration
  • MAN3025 Principles of Management and Supervision

Spring 2020

  • CET3505 Computer Operating Systems
  • ISM3545 Data Analytics Technologies
  • ISM3220 Network Management for Information Professionals

Fall 2020

  • CNT4502 Computer Networks and Distributed Processes
  • CGS4097 The Future of Computing
  • CNT4524 Mobile Security

Spring 2021

  • CEN4083 Advanced Concepts in Virtualization
  • CNT4514 Wireless Networks and Portable Devices
  • CIS4083 Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • CTS4935 Networking/Security Capstone Project


I am also considering pursuing the Information Systems Degree offered by University of Florida and I will update if changes are necessary.