5th Annual Heath in IT Summit in Gainesville, FL

(October 2018)

On October 18th, 2018 I attended a summit on Santa Fe College campus that focused how the IT and Health field both intersect. These are my notes that I took during the summit.


  1. I think that the most interesting topic was in relation to Data Analytics, Coding, and How those mix. Its interesting to see how a business views productivity of each individual programmer and the steps they took to improve performance. Also the talk about cultivating a relationship between the doctors and programmers in order to streamline the transfer of data between the doctor and programmer. The statistics that they gave along with the data is staggering as well, that they have 4000 discharges monthly.
  2. I think that the subjects related to the health portions of the talk where valuable to see another side of a business. I found the discussion of Information Governance and how it relates to keeping peoples data secure when a patient is admitted to the hospital. It was especially interesting to hear the discussions that took place involving block-chain and how they can utilize that to ensure the safety of  patient data when being transferred.
  3. I think that the booths that where setup in the back provided a nice area to gain more information and contact info for each group that spoke. Also having breaks in between each talk gave the event a more subdued attitude. I think that the production quality of the event could have been improved. I think the issues that we had during the presentations related to the slides could have been resolved before the summit began.
  4. I think that a big sign of professionalism is to keep the conversation going if there are tech issues or if the conversation get derailed. During your presentation you where quick to get the subject back in line when a discussion broke out or there where any kind of technical problem. I think that the subject of the event could be improved, maybe show the people that are there some images of the labs and projects that the students work on in those programs.